Antonio and Barbara Saverino stand outside Bluestem Bistro in Aggieville. Antonio Saverino said he was into some bad things in his youth, but he has worked hard to build his own business and now is preparing for an early retirement.

Most people work all their lives but don’t get to retire until old age but for Antonio Saverino, retirement was possible at 44. Saverino and his wife, Barbara, say that this was thanks to hard work, sacrifice, and saving money. After years of running a business and a lifetime of working, the Saverinos are excited for a relaxing retirement in sunny Belize.

When Saverino was a teenager, he went to juvenile detention for burglary, and later prison when he aged out of juvie. Saverino said that stealing was not worth it, given that he served five years for stealing a total of $7. He says he takes full responsibility for his poor decisions in youth, and has worked hard to prove that he is not his past.

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