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Facility Management Software Development - A Guide. Whether you own an educational institution or a corporate organization, you will encounter numerous issues. When everything seems impossible and challenging to manage in an organization, be it the physical infrastructure or the underlying processes it becomes essential to manage and streamline the processes for maximum efficiency and flawless execution. In this blog, we will be simplifying the challenges of the overall management process using facility management software alongside its benefits and features.

Facility Management Software Development - A Guide. Whether you own an educational institution or a corporate organization, you will encounter numerous issues.

When everything seems impossible and challenging to manage in an organization, be it the physical infrastructure or the underlying processes it becomes essential to manage and streamline the proceet: Revolutionizing Wound Healing​_​_​_​_sses for maximum efficiency and flawless execution.

And this is wherefacility management software developmentcomes into play, which helps in utilizing the resources efficiently with a well-managed solution.

In this blog, we will be simplifying the challenges of the overall management process using facility management software alongside its benefits and features.

And without any further delay, let’s get started!

What is Facility Management Software Development?

Before defining facility management software, let us first explain what facility management is. According to ISO, it is an organizational function that helps in the effective and efficient management and delivery of services and lets people get access to quality life along with improving the productivity of a business.

It is a custom software tailored to meet the needs of businesses and organizations to manage their physically built environment like planning, occupancy, operations, repair and maintenance, and many other activities which help in streamlining the workflow, improving productivity, and boosting team collaboration and communication effectively.

Types of Facility Management Software

Furthermore, facility management software can be classified into different types. And among some of the common types of systems that are available in the market are -

  • Computer-aided facility management (CAFM)
  • Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)
  • Enterprise asset management (EAM), and
  • Integrated workplace management system (IWMS)

POC system, Greenly, Robin, OfficeSpace, MaintainX, Oracle Primavera Unifier, IBM TRIRIGA, Landport, QuickFMS, and GoAudits are examples of some of the well-known facility management software that is widely used in the market.


Statistics on Facility Management Software

  • The report from Markets and Markets states that the global facility management market was valued at $42.2 billion in 2021, and is estimated to grow to $76.3 billion by 2026.
  • According to the reports from Future Market Insights, the worldwide facility management software market revenue is expected to reach $72,168.4 million by 2033 from $20,985.1 million in 2023 at a CAGR of 12%.
  • A report from Verified Market Research says that the global facility management software market is anticipated to reach $1922.12 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 5% from 2022.
  • Another report from the well-known source, Statista, states that North America was the biggest outsourcing market for facility management services in 2017 with a market share of $202.5 billion.

The aforementioned are merely just insights regarding the FM market, but these stats are not enough for you to decide whether you should invest in this or not.

So, moving ahead, let us also fill you up with the benefits of developing facility management software, and how it can help you boost your business and revenue.


Benefits of Developing Facility Management Software

The benefits of facility management software development are -

  • It provides you with a centralized dashboard which helps in delivering facilities efficiently.
  • It helps in eliminating tedious, manual, and repetitive tasks by automating them. For example when a user lists an issue and it is not being solved until the deadline then the system will automatically reissue the maintenance requests.
  • It helps in making the system energy efficient by conducting energy audits which include the consumption of energy and required energy thus making the workspace energy efficient.
  • The facility management software also helps in extending the life cycle of the assets and systems by analyzing the maintenance reports, which in turn helps you know which system needs maintenance, upgradation, and repairs. It also helps in reducing system downtime, thus resulting in increased productivity and enhanced facilities along with cost-effectiveness.
  • It helps you gain better visibility of the overall health of your organization, along with reminders for the critical ones.
  • It also helps in saving a lot of time and money as compared to the traditional way, as it highly focuses on digitizing every aspect of the workspace with enhanced business operations.

Features of a Facility Management Software

Features highly determine the success of your software, and it is important to ensure that you integrate features accordingly that fulfill the needs of a business based on its activities and functions.

So, before determining what features you can integrate into your software, let us first tell you about some of the common facility management activities. And they are -

  • Operations and maintenance
  • Energy management
  • Employee management, and
  • Infrastructure management


Primary features that you can consider integrating into the Facility Management Software Development

  • Asset Management
  • Contractor Directory
  • Document Storage
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting
  • Simplified Work Order Management
  • Vendor Managementet: Revolutionizing Wound Healing​_​_​_

Asset management - to manage and make use of the assets efficiently alongside monitoring and providing real-time information about the asset's performance.

Contractor directory - to access the contractors whenever needed for specific tasks.

Document storage - enables you to access the files and docs anywhere outside the workspace without having to worry about storing the physical files in a cabinet or consuming a lot of storage space in the infrastructure.

Inventory management - for real-time visibility and insights about the stock and to see if it is sufficient as per the market demand or not.

Reporting - to create the budget, forecast the business future using the data collected in the past, and make better business decisions.

Simplified work order management - where the users can list the issue and make maintenance requests, which can be further approved by the admin and routed to the respective department for the solution.

Vendor management - to facilitate the vendor movement along with accurate costs and other information like the work history, invoices, and others.


Cost of Developing Facility Management Software

However, to specify and make it easier for you, in terms of numbers, the cost of developing a facility management system might range from $20,000 to $2,00,000 and might sometimes cross the bar to even more depending on your requirements.

The cost of developing facility management software is determined by several aspects, and the primary factors that affect the cost of development are, as follows -

  • The Domain and Hosting Charges
  • The Logo and Design
  • The Tech stack, which includes the programming languages, frameworks, libraries, databases, servers, and other essential components
  • The number of features along with their complexity (note that more or unwanted features in the software can result in increased screen designs, which in turn also increases the cost of development)
  • Security and Third-party integrations
  • The Development team that you need like the total number of developers working on the project along with their hourly charges based on different locations, and
  • Content and marketing charges.

Wrapping It Up

Facility management is an essential part of business operations as it subjects to improve productivity and helps in reducing the inefficiency of a business, and developing a facility management system does the job on the go.

And now that you have reached here, we pretty much assume that you are likely to invest in facility management software development, and the best part is that we’ve got your back.

Connect with us now, or hire a developer, and get the best solutions for your business at competitive rates with enhanced security and performance.


FAQs: Facility Management Software Development

How much time does it take to develop facility management software?

Generally developing a facility management system takes up to more or less 4-6 months but sometimes even a year depending on the project size and your business requirements

What are the common challenges of facility management?

The primary challenges of facility management are -

  • Lack of space and lost track of seat utilization
  • Too much paperwork results in errors and mistakes
  • No integration capabilities
  • Manually doing every task, and several others.

What are the industries where facility management software is used widely?

Some of the industries where facility management software is widely used are the Education sector, Real-Estate, Foodservice business, travel and tourism, and many more.

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