Cell lines rapidly optimized for scalable production

Triple transfection of adherent cells (HEK293, 293T cells)

Creative Biolabs has developed a proprietary suspension of HEK293 and HEK293T cell lines grown in animal-free conditions. Cell lines rapidly optimized for scalable production of all serotypes and adeno-associated virus chimeras (AAV) can also be developed to produce adenoviruses and lentiviruses.

Creative Biolabs uses high-density adherent cell culture bioreactors to expand adhesion to HEK293 and HeLa culture processes. High titer viral vectors can be produced through either transfection or infection method in batch mode. The bioreactor system enhances the upstream process and production.

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Creative Biolabs capture antibody and detection antibodyCreative Biolabs capture...
Category: Health Medical Dental Clinical Profile: Firstly, one known as the capture antibody is coated onto the surface of a 96-well plate to facilitate the immobilization of the target antigen. Then the detection antibody binds to the capture antibody-antigen complex. Finally, an enzyme-labeled secondary antibody conjugate specific for the detection antibody is added. In direct sandwich ELISA format, only two specific antibodies are used to sandwich the antigen. One is a capture antibody and detection antibody is another. Either mono ...
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